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Dear County Board of Supervisors

Thank you for hearing the people on the Divide and for giving us the opportunity to be speak on behalf of the Georgetown Airport FBO at the Nov. 26 meeting.

As you can tell, the airport community doesn't want a county employee or a new FBO. We want Steve and Trish!

As an example of why (beside of all they have done for our airport and community). The day of the Lilac Lane fire in Greenwood, my phone rings and it is Trish, knowing how close the fire is and we were two sisters alone, offering to send the people there at the airport to help us, if we needed to leave the property. Thank God, we didn't, but what a great feeling to know there was help if needed! Many people here on the Divide have stories of the offers of help from Steve and Trish, because they are at the airport, have access to information, and because they care.

Stand by and be silent, I don't think so.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Connie Livingston

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