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November 13, 2002

Dear Divide Merchant:

Doubtless, you have heard of the controversy surrounding the Georgetown Airport, and the Board of Supervisors’ decision NOT to renew the commercial hanger lease of Steve & Trish Cimmarusti. The lease was up in September, 2002. Yes, the Cimmarusti’s were late in making some payments, but all back payments were made and satisfied. A County audit has been requested to ascertain if over-payments were credited.

As a Divide Merchant you should be concerned. The financial impact of business loss could be felt by all merchants. All potential business, and customers, are needed on the Divide to generate income and profit. How do the Cimmarusti’s and the airport affect you?

The Cimmarusti’s are home owners and business owners, and they do business with you. Their business provides jobs for seven people-- four full time and three part-time. They provide out-of-town pilots with information of services and opportunities of the Divide. They personally deliver pilots and guests to town. Guests dine, lodge and spend money on gifts (or staples if camping). They encourage use of the campground and airport, and provide resources for local Club, Church and School activities. They host, or co-host fly-in activities which in turn uses merchandise from local businesses. They have introduced potential property and home buyers to the local Real Estate agencies. Several have bought homes or property which in turn has brought revenue to the Divide.

Besides the above, they furnish important services to the aviation community by providing flight instruction; airplane maintenance and repairs; charters; aircraft rentals; annual aircraft certification; and pilot bi-annual flight reviews. They provide a place to purchase aviation supplies; study aides; maps and a "shack" to meet over a cup of coffee and exchange aviation information.

Although not required, they provide pilots with Unicom radio communication, such as weather, wind direction and traffic in the vicinity, which is important for safe landings and departures. Steve has provided many pilots with emergency assistance when they have broken down at other airports. People of the Divide and visitors who frequent the airport, realize the asset the Cimmarusti’s are, and the value of the services they provide to the community. Who else would provide these services?

You can help your fellow Divide business. Please write a brief letter (using your letterhead) in support of the Cimmarusti’s. Direct the letter to the Board of Supervisors and ask them to extend the hanger lease. (El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, -- 3000 Fair Lane, Placerville, CA 95667). Also, they will meet and accept public comment at their 9:00 am meeting on November 26th if you wish to attend and be heard.

Although your business may not be directly affected by this issue, other businesses and the community-at-large could certainly suffer a negative impact.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully responding to our concerns. We know a united Divide business community’s response will help create a positive response from the County.

Friends of the Georgetown Airport

p.s. If you desire, you can send your letters to the airport in care of "Friends of the Georgetown Airport" P. O. Box 1741. We will personally see that the Supervisors receive your letters on the 26th.

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