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Dear Mr. Jacoby:

I have just read your article about the county action to deny renewal of the Skyways lease at the Georgetown Airport which appeared in the October 16th issue of the Mountain Democrat. It is excellent- well researched, accurate, and well written.

Unfortunately, since this appeared around the same time that the airport community heard about the action, you were unable to include the reactions of the airport users and of the broader Divide community.

I sincerely hope that you will write a followup story on the firestorm of concern which is growing among all of us affected by this seemingly minor event. "Community Confused and Outraged" might be one way to characterize it.

For more information about the community reaction, I'd like to direct your attention to a web page which contains a small sample of the letters written by concerned users and people in the local community: . You might also check with Pat Leeds, president of "Friends of the Georgetown Airport" at 333-1015.

Best regards,

Doug Bell
Garden Valley

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