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Dear Supervisors,

I just finished reviewing much of the correspondence between the County and Skyways concerning the lease, demand for payments, payments made by Skyways, and demand to quit premises. It is deeply troubling.

I also finished reading the two pilot magazine articles about the Georgetown Airport which speak highly of the Georgetown Airport, the surrounding area, and the Cimmarusti family

I truly believe that that if you don’t reconsider this issue and give Skyways another lease, your actions will severely embitter a large number of people in the Divide community for a long time to come.

I also believe that this growing segment of our community is not going to let this go away if you don’t reconsider.

We like the airport as it is, and the Cimmarusti family. To terminate because of late payments (now paid as of Sept 15, minus some small amounts for which an accounting has been requested) in this economy is a travesty.

Tremaine Parsons
Georgetown CA

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