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Dear Supervisor Humphreys:

Thank you for your written response to my e-mail concerning activities involving the current Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at the Georgetown airport. While I appreciate your prompt response, I feel that your reply did not address my concerns.

I am not concerned that "the Board is committed to continuing services and that recruitment of a new FBO is moving forward". I am not concerned about "fuel and security".

I am concerned that my elected officials are not acting in the best interest of their constituents. I am concerned about cancelled meetings. I am concerned about this issue being delt with fairly, and out in the open. I am concerned that a small business may be closed down... unnecessarily. I am concerned that the Board, or staff think security is required in order to meet with the people you represent. I am concerned that you think that people on the Divide believe this action is being taken solely as a result of late payments.

To terminate the FBO under these circumstances is an injustice. To think that you are fooling anybody about why this is being done is ridiculous. To govern with this attitude is a travesty.

John Williamson

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