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Dear County Supervisor,

You will soon meet in closed session on the Cimmarusti FBO lease.

As a county supervisor, you have one of the most thankless and difficult jobs around - being fair, open and balanced. Be fair,open and balanced anyway!

Voters don't trust your action even when they can see you making decisions. Be trustworthy anyway!

Department Heads may complain that you micro manage when you ask detailed questions. Ask detailed questions anyway!

Legal may advise you to avoid exposure by hiding the facts. Make the facts available anyway!

Legal may advise you to take every legal advantage even if it does not balance the economic interests of your constituents. Take every advantage to balance the economic interests your constituents anyway.

Critics may imply that a lack of cooperation from the public means they have a bad attitude. Trust the Georgetown Divide public anyway!

When you make your decisions today, please give more weight to open and public input than confidential private or secret staff input. While secret input may be legal as specified by public law, I fear there is serious potential for imbalance and error when input is not made public. Please recall that the staff that is advising you is the same staff that took the law into their own hands and erred legally in previous encounters with the Cimmarusti's at the expense of all.

In two words; represent us!

I am still waiting for the public records I requested from county counsel on the Cimmarusti FBO lease.

I strongly support Supervisor Baumann's recommendation for open meetings pertaining to the Georgetown Airport as posted here:

Best Regards and Luck to Everyone,

Paul Miller

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