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Many non-flyers may not realize what the county is doing

I was almost one of them! If I had not received an email I might not have realized that our five County Supervisors have made a "closed door" decision to the detriment of our community which is clearly "blind" to the interests of the Georgetown Divide community at large. A decision that must be reconsidered.

Beyond the obvious fire, emergency, and commerce issues there is a strong "community" aspect to the Georgetown Airport.

Many non-flying members of our community who have not been carefully reading the Georgetown Gazette may not fully understand who, or what, the "Airport Contractor" or "Fixed Base Operator" is, and may not make the connection that our County Supervisors have decided to significantly degrade the quality of the airport by removing the hardworking people who have made the airport what it is during the last decade.

Since learning of this situation, I have been asking everyone that I even marginally know if they are aware of what is going on with the airport issue. Many do, but those who don't usually drop their jaws when they realize that the airport ,as we know it, is being rolled over with promises of "card lock fuel", "new pavement here", "new lights there", and "we're going to find a new operator for the airport". Words that may reconfirm the term "spin".

I do not fly but started enjoying the Georgetown Airport on a regular basis after moving here in 1992; watching planes with my three year old tricycle riding twin daughters where a snack at the snack bar was always mandatory. Our son took his 1st light plane ride when he was ten. Attending fly-ins and appreciation days are always a "must see" on the recreation calendar whenever they occur. Chili feeds, music, and more. The Georgetown Airport is truly unique in that it has pulled in, and included, the community in such a big way.

I have a friend who lives here and landed a lucrative multi-year development contract. The employers flew in to negotiate the deal with him. He doesn't fly much but they sure do.

The airport is what it is because of the hard work of Steve and Trish Cimmarusti during the last decade. While I do not know them personally other than to say "hello", I know that they are valued, hardworking, taxpaying members of our community. Due to disagreements that could, and can, be resolved, our five County Supervisors are quietly trying to move them out. A move that is rapidly becoming more loudly exposed for what it really is.

The Supervisors may claim the their decision is a money issue. If they do this they must also concede that they are culpable in this regard. Money issues can be fixed! It is the safety and community issues that are seriously at risk.

Tremaine Parsons
Georgetown CA

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