8/22/89 - 4/19/94

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8/22/89 (1-3)
County Board of Supervisors (BOS) establishes Airport Commission.

10/24/89 (4)
Daedalus Aircraft (McKeehan) enters into FBO airport use agreement.

2/16/93 (4)
Lease of hangar H-2 (expiration to be 10/16/93) by James McKeehan and County subleased to to Steve Cimmarusti.
Steve to handle quarterly billing and collection of monthly tie-down fees, tie-down agreements, list of tie-down tenants, campground maint. & management, bulb replacement of lights, unicom services. Ten tie-down spaces for Steve. DOT signed agreement 8/15/94.

7/20/93 (5)
BOS approved consent calendar items regarding airport use agreements and requested that staff update airport policies and procedures.

11/9/93 (5)
Airport Commission (AP) held public hearing on airport use agreements and directed staff and the committee to refine documents based upon public testimony and commissioners' input.

11/10/93 (5)
Interoffice communication from Michael Stoltz, Assistant Director of Transportation (DOT) to BOS.
Status report on development of Minimum Standards for Aeronautical Activities Use Agreement and for Amendment to Ordinance 3327. Noted BOS actions on 7/20/93 and AC actions on 11/9/93. DOT plans to return documents to AP in January for its final approval, and once approved to present documents to BOS.

4/19/94 (6-28)
Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities for El Dorado County Airports adopted. These pages are the standards adopted on this date. See MINIMUM STANDARDS.