3/6/02 to 10/1/02

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3/6/02 (196)
Letter from Craven Alcott to the Cimmarustis. States that lease tie-down fees are due for Dec, Jan, and Feb ($270). Also due is rent for the same months ($2,100). No fuel invoices or payments have been tendered. Aircraft insurance has lapsed.

*** 8/12/02 (197)
Confidential interoffice memo from David Nicolls to Gary Hyden.
Shows summary of fees Steve supposedly owes county. After correcting typed figures, the total is supposedly $24,941. The amount of $9,749 was requested for amounts which were probably not legally due them. Steve complied as he was being coerced into making the payment.

8/14/02 (198)
Notice to Steve to vacate premises at Georgetown Airport by 8/26/02 due to non-payment of rent. County states amount owed as of 8/10/02 as $9,749 for Steve's tenure, and $16,074 for rent due from Treiber.

8/25/02 (199)
Letter from Steve to Craven Alcott. Sept 11 created problems. Please accept check for $9,749. Second demand for money, would prefer to address when accounting has been performed so figures are present for agreement. Would hope to have lease renewed.

9/5/02 (200-201)
County deposit permit/Check photocopy/receipt. Shows check for $9,749 deposited for:
$8,400 - Fixed Base Operator (2/99 - 01/00)
210 - Feb Tiedown 5 A/C
420 - Late payment charges (2/99 - 01/00)
719 - Fuel flowage fees (7/11/98 - 01/00)
$9,749 - Total

*** 9/10/02 (202-203)
Letter from Tom Parker to Steve.
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Acknowledges receipt of August 25, 2002, letter from Steve as well as check for $9,749. The amount was applied to the oldest (2nd page is FBO lease which dated back to Sept 28. 1997. More fees were supposedly due amounting to $10,379.15. [Most if not all of these are legally wrong.] See letter from Freda Pechner 9/10/00.

9/13/02 (204)
*** Letter from Steve to Craven Alcott.
He states willingness to work with Supervisors, that check is enclosed in the amount of $985.15 per Tom Parker's letter of 9/10/02 less Sept payment which was previously tendered and not credited. Steve still has not accurate accounting from County. Previous payments have not been properly applied.

*** 9/18/02 (205)
Confidential Interoffice Memo from David Nicolls to Thomas Parker.
States that Steve does not qualify as a business according to the Minimum Standards for Commercial Operators because (1) he does not pay promptly, (2) he has not furnished a bond for $2,500, and (3) he does not keep the lease area in a sanitary, safe, neat, and orderly condition. Minimum standards should be updated to be more effective at sorting out undesirable elements (such as Steve) without being discriminatory.

[NOTE: In light of the facts, the above is obviously incorrect, prejudicial, and libelous. It was obviously a factor in the decision to terminate Steve's tenancy.]

10/1/02 (206)
Notice to Steve to get out within 30 days.