5/27/99 to 6/24/99

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*** 5/27/99 (93-99)
Special meeting of Airport Commission.
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This has the proposed budget for the airports. No high-cost items scheduled for either airport. Admin costs are 68% for Placerville and 32% for Georgetown. Placerville has the following maintenance items deferred: (1) re-marking the runway centerline, and (2) miscellaneous crack sealing in paved areas, Georgetown funding for fuel tank replacement was not carried forward (old fuel tank was supposed to have been replaced by 12/21/98). It was assumed that the project would have been completed by June 30th. The $75,000 is still in place and approved.

6/15/99 (99.01-99.02)
Letter from Cuttrell to Steve C.
1. Have been informed you intend to supply temporary fuel facility.
2. You must comply with all provisions of Treiber lease.
3. You must pay us $.05 per gallon
4. You must show more evidence ofinsurance coverage per Treiber lease.
5. Once, you comply, you can go ahead with supplying fuel. [At the time, this was just another means of preventing the Georgetown Airport from having fuel available for pilots.]

6/15/99 (100)
Steve faxes to Tom Parker Steve's business license, certificate of insurance, 3 letters of reference, more licenses, and permits.

*** 6/16/99 (101-102)
Letter to Tom Parker from Freda Pechner.
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Confirms conversation of 6/11/99 regarding amendment to trailer lease. Modification enclosed acceptable to Steve.

Freda states she was informed by Tom that:

1. He was told by BOS to deal only with "bare bones" of assignment.

2. He was told by BOS NOT to negotiate with matters in campground addendum.

3. He had received direction from BOS regarding addendum.

4. He did not know why there was a delay in his response to Freda's Jan 1999 letter.

5. Steve does not have any right to operate his business at this time, but there is a preliminary agreement for him to operate.

6. Steve would be permitted to operate only if all issues are settled.

7. Steve is not being treated differently than anyone else.
Freda told Tom in prior letter that she authorized a credit report being obtained by the County, so why wasn't it obtained?

Learned at staff meeting that Atwood and Reighn have stated that Steve's documents previously submitted are NOT in his file. Indicates possible breach of trust by County. Negotiations are not likely to succeed with such a climate.

6/16/99 (103)
Letter from George Cuttrell to Steve C.
Confirms that Steve plans to supply and operate a temporary fuel facility at Georgetown Airport. Steve may not proceed unless all provisions of the Treiber lease pertaining to fuel services are complied with including (1) payment of flowage fees to county, (2) evidence of insurance as specified in sub-paragraphs 6A, 6B, 6C, and 6D, and (3) "the conditions specified in sub-paragraphs 6I and 6P which apply to the above insurance coverages." [Actually, no flowage fees were due to the county as Treiber lease applied only to county-owned fuel facilities. Sub-paragraphs 6A and 6D did not apply because Steve had no employees and no vehicles used in his business.]

6/18/99 (104-105)
Memo from Cuttrell to Tom Parker (County Counsel) stating that the following were reviewed as requested. Requirements met (1) application form complete, (2) business license current, (3) three letters of reference tendered, and (4) 2 readable FAA certificates tendered. Still needed: (1) current copy of FAA inspection authorizaton, (2) readable copy of ground instructor and airframe and power plant certificates, (3) current credit report, (4) current automobile insurance certificate, and (5) approval of certificate of insurance submitted. Lists of fuel flowage fees due per Treiber agreement and monthly lease fee and late fees due. [The automobile insurance was not applicable. The flowage fees were not due as previously mentioned. There was no lease given to the Cimmarustis at this point and no checks were being accepted from them for fuel flowage (9/23/98, 10/5/98).]

6/24/99 (106)
Check for $700 from Freda Pechner's client trust account to County for June lease payment. [Late charge comment same as that for 4/14/99.]