12/29/99 to 7/25/00

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12/29/99 (156.01-156.02)
Memo from Nicolls to Alcott.
1. Placerville Aviation is closest to Steve C's operation.
2. Both the above have requirements of $500,000 for public liability and property damage.
3. County requires $1,000,000 for above.
4. More on insurance over and above Minimum Standards [which is not really legal].
5. More on needing insurance for [non-existent] employees and automobile.

*** 1/25/00 (157-160)
Letter to Pechner from Caulfield, Davies, & Donahue.
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States that county on behalf of defendants offered to pay $10,000 which pertained to Airport litigation. Also states other matters in contention and that the county had been allowing Steve to have his "Addendum duties" (apparently to show good faith). The County is withdrawing this accommodation. In bold letters at the end states that the County is taking over the Addendum duties as of 2/1/00. Steve will not be responsible for the following after that date (C1).
1. Collection of tie-down fees and appropriate records of same.
2. Maintenance and management of campground.
3. Repair, maintenance and replacement as needed any bulbs, lens, and fixtures for runway, taxiway, and windsocks.
4. Weekly inspection, observation, and reports of any outages of rotating beacon, ramp lights, and obstructions lights.
5. Unicom advisory services.
6. Restroom cleaning and maintenance.

2/1/00 (161)
County takes over above.

Since County refused to agree to Steve's lease until July of 2000, it was not entitled to be paid. Steve did not pay the County and County added $700/month for 6 months to his bill plus late charges of $42/month. This comes to $4200 plus $252. Steve had incurred more legal bills as a result of the County's delaying tactics.

4/24/00 (162)
Memo from David Nicolls to Tom Parker. County requests to Steve for tie-down fees have not been complied with. County would like to bill individuals for payments, but would not look good if it does so. Need Steve's records to see what is owing. Even so, Brian will be sending late notices out. No communication regarding billing from Mark Chase, Steve C., or Doug Bell. Am assuming they are protesting changes. Mr. Wirth indicated he owes for April thru June of 2000.

*** 4/25/00 (162.01-162.02)
County settles out of court.
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All issues prior to date of Cimmarustis' lease being signed are in the past and there is to be a fresh start. See Settlement.

6/12/00 (162.03-162.05)
GAAC meeting minutes.
Of interest is item IV.E. which states:
"Craven presented the latest version of the Campground/Picnic Policy for Committee review. She stated that an informal group including Doug Bell, Steve and Trish Cimmarusti, and Karen Shambach had reviewed the previous draft of the policy and had worked through the provision of insurance for the County. The draft presented to the Committee represented an agreement among the informal group and Craven hoped that the Committee would endorse the draft policy. The Committee unanimously endorsed the draft policy as presented and requested that this item be place on the next agenda as an action item. In the interim, Craven hoped to process the draft policy through County Risk Management."

7/7/00 (163-164)
Draft copy of Georgetown Airport Picnic/Campground Policy.

*** 7/19/00 (165-168)
Legal review of lease from Tom Parker to Craven Alcott.
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States that Craven asked for review of leases of Airfilm and Pieper. Allegations say that lessees are in violation of their leases and that leases should be terminated. This review shows what lessees obligations are.

A. McKeehan signed FBO sublease Oct 1989. Sublease to have Steve C. to do addendum duties terminated 12/99 due to legal action of McKeehan. Another addendum was executed on 5/17/95. On 4/25/00 County approved McKeehan lease assignment to Scott Herring.

In McKeehan '89 lease he was authorized to do certain things, to lease County land, and to construct hangar H-2 on it. His business intent was to serve the public - authorized service, non-discriminatory, with a fair price. '95 addendum increases leased premises and revises rent payments accordingly.

'89 lease does not state how often business must be open to the public. Herring assumed the lease which involves film sets for aircraft. His customers are elsewhere, so he does not need to be open to the Georgetown public.

B. Pieper's lease at hangar H-5 (owned by McKeehan) states that he manufactures custom aircraft parts and that the hangar is used for storage. The nature of this activity does not fit with the "temporary operation" definition. Hangar has not been abandoned. There is no known reason to assume that there is any lease violation.

*** 7/20/00 (169)Memo
Memo from Dave Nicolls to Craven Alcott.
In-depth review of Steve's lease as regards fuel flowage does not provide for operation of County owned facility after 12/98. Exhibit E expired on that date. Only reference in Exhibit E is for facility provided by FBO. No $2,500 surety bond has been provided. No payments have been received from tie-downs. Addendum to existing lease should be drawn and presented to Steve for acceptance. Back to Dollars

7/24/00 (170)
Fax cover sheet from County Counsel to Tom Parker for item below. "Steve Cimmarusti, outstanding payments and checks to be deposited." [Since the checks were held by County Counsel until they were no good any longer and were from Freda's trust fund, it is prejudicial and libelous to say that payments from Steve were outstanding.]

7/24/00 (171)
Receipt from county for $7,000 for 2/99, 3/99, 4/99, 6/99, 7/99, 8/99, 9/99, 10/99, 11/99, and 12/99 lease payments.

7/25/00 (172)
Memo from Craven Alcott to GAAC. GAAC meeting agenda for 8/8/00 includes draft of picnic/campground policy as approved by Risk Management, and County Counsel opinion of Airfilm and Pieper leases.