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Letter from Freda Pechner to BOS.
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[The words found here are not the exact words in the documents but have been modified for brevity. Section 10 includes the same ideas in the exact words.]

Steve sustained damages from wrongful conduct of county employees.

1. Janet Atwood, DOT, told members of public that Steve is dishonest in his business dealings.

2. Deputy Sheriff Willliam Allen falsely reported to Ms. Atwood and one of Steve's customers that Steve extorted money from his customers.

3. William Pieper, Supervisor Walt Shultz' appointee to the Airport Commission, wrote to one of Steve's customers alleging that he was inquiring into a dispute on behalf of the county Sheriff's department, indicating that a criminal investigation into Steve's business was being conducted.

4. Steve was denied the asignment of the lease on a residential dwelling at the Georgetown Airport on the basis that it was an unacceptable risk for the county to permit a family with young children to reside in the mobile home. The county has permitted the occupation of the mobile home located at the Georgetown Airport for many years.

5. Steve's aircraft was stolen from the Georgetown Airport by persons whose identities became known to the Sheriff's Department. These individuals surreptitiously removed an aircraft from the airport in the night, but were never charged by the District Attorney's Office with a crime, since they allegedly raised a claim of color of title.

6. On August 3, 1995, an individual paid Steve for services rendered to repair an aircraft with a worthless check, fraudulently depriving Steve of a possessory lien on the aircraft, a misdemeanor. The county District Attorney has refused to file charges.

7. Steve requested the opportunity to lease unimproved property adjacent to his rental premises. The county had a policy which violated a state law which permits leases to be given to the first person who asks for same. There was a suggestion that Steve's lessor and business competitor, James McKeehan, had made such a request a few days before Steve's request was received, but there was no proof. When the County Counsel's office rendered a legal opinion on this county policy violating state law, the county decided to allow this one lease for McKeehan, despite its improprieties. Most county leases require that building be commenced within six months of entering the lease, but Mr. McKeehan has not done so. Therefore, Mr. McKeehan was granted a lease in violation of state law and with unusual provisions that benefit only Mr. McKeehan and not the county.

8. Steve requested the opportunity to lease a 20' x 60' strip of unimproved land on the north side of the building he leases at the Georgetown Airport. Ms. Atwood refused to consider a lease of this area to Steve, instead offering it for lease to Mr. McKeehan, even though he had never asked for such a lease. Ms. Atwood's alleged reason was her own personal policy regarding potential lessees, and she has failed to and refused to explain her actions to Steve.

9. Steve requested the opportunity to lease a 20' x 60' strip of unimproved land on the south side of the building he leases at Georgetown Airport, to construct a patio for his customers, with tables, and so improve the airport. This request has been completely ignored, and no action taken at all.

10. Mr. McKeehan has threatened, in front of numerous witnesses, to put Steve out of business with the assistance of his powerful friends, e.g. Supervisor Walt Shultz.

No other persons have been treated in this fashion at other county airports. This conduct by officials is obviously a conspiracy aimed at forcing Steve out of business.