7/31/00 to 10/9/00

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7/31/00 (173-174)
Unsigned draft of letter from Louis Green (signed by Tom Parker) to Steve. Treiber owed money. Fuel flowage fees are still owed. You signed as assuming Treiber lease which includes all of Treiber's obligations including dollars owed. County will submit for payments checks provided by Pechner (2/99 - 12/99). If any of these checks are not honored, County expects you to pay. Also, 1/00 - 6/00 payments are due from you ($4,200 plus $252 in late fees).

Fuel flowage fees are unpaid from 8/1/98 to 10/18/99 ($489.60). Fuel flowage fees are also owing since 1/5/00. You must remit amount due within 30 days. [Handwritten note says surety bond is still due.]

8/10/00 (175-178)
Freda stopped payment on lease checks held by County - $7000 from lease payments of Feb thru Dec 1999, excepting May.

8/14/00 (179)
Memo from Tom Parker to Craven Alcott. Received $7,000 in returned checks (Freda's on behalf of Steve). County Counsel has advised that these checks should be held until settlement of Steve's lawsuit or court process completed.

As we recently settled the lawsuit with Steve, County Counsel advised me to deposit the checks. Ms. Pechner's secretary directed County Counsel not to deposit these checks because Steve was going to pay $7,000 to County.

Called Steve to confirm he would make payment. Steve said was conferring with Ms. Pechner to discuss these matters. Asked him to please let me know about $7,000 and he said he would.

[County did not cash checks received because all had been held by County Counsel and were past the six month limit. At this point, $7,700 might have been due to county if County receipt were not in evidence for $7,000 and if county had not being so adverse as to create substantial legal bills for Steve. Late charges would have been $42 for nine months which comes to $378. Legally, since the County was their own problem and refused to cash Steve's or Freda's checks, or to come to an agreement on the lease, Steve probably would have owed the County nothing. Worst case would have been $8,078.]

*** 8/16/00 (180-181)
Letter from Freda Pechner to Craven Alcott.
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Relates to memo of July 19, 2000, in which Parker's interpretation of the leases was erroneous.

*** 9/1/00 (182-183)
Letter from Freda Pechner to T Parker
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Liability for rent did not commence until 7/1/00 at the earliest. Treiber not given back his $2,500 deposit yet. Steve allowed to have longer to provide his. Attorney's fees were necessary due to county's adverse behavior to Steve. Late fees due to county's failure to accept checks and checks going stale when they were held by County. County cannot legally require any lease fees from Steve before the date County agreed to assign lease to him (7/1/00). County released Treiber from all liability, so County has no recourse to cause Treiber to pay rent from January, 1999, to through June, 2000. There is no provision in the lease for payment of any fuel flowage fees because tanks were not removed per Exhibit E. Steve willing to consider a modification of lease with reference to fuel flowage. Pechner's Letter

*** 9/13/00 (184-185)
Unsigned letter that appears to be later version of draft of 7/31/00.
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Has $100.15 added for 11/16/99 thru 1/5/00 fuel flowage.

*** 10/9/00 (186-187)
Letter from Tom Parker to Freda Pechner.
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Thanks for letters of 8/16 and 9/1 regarding rent owed under Treiber lease and observations on Herring lease. County disagrees with your conclusions and maintains that Steve has assumed all rents owing since 9/97.

County was informed of stop order on checks submitted in 1999. County does not seek late fees for the 1999 check amounts or for payments not made since 1/99.

Your letter on the Herring lease is noted, etc. (see letter). Treiber's security deposit was released to him on 8/18/00.