11/20/98 to 4/14/99

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11/20/98 (78-86)
Paperwork for case #PV004261, Steve vs County.
Jury trial is demanded. Steve alleges to have suffered wage loss, loss of property, hospital and medical expenses, general damage, and loss of earning capacity. Allegation: County demanded that Steve perform repairs to the airport beacon, threatening to take action if the repairs were not done. Steve was injured in the course of effecting the repairs. Steve was not required by any legal obligation to effect these repairs. Steve suffered personal injury as result.

1/11/99 (87)
Memo from Atwood to Reighn stating fees for fuel flowage were due from Treiber from 9/30/98 to 10/27/98.

1/18/99 (88)
Letter from Pechner to Janet Atwood stating that Steve will place modular office where Pieper's had been, since Treiber assigned lease to Steve.

*** 2/5/99 (89-90)
Letter to BOS from Mark Chase (4th District Airport Commissioner).
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Clarification for Agenda Item #50 and correction of facts contained in Cuttrell's memo of 2/1/99. [Pay special attention to the comments on Cuttrell's memo because it was for this type of reasoning that the BOS decided to abolished the Airport Commission.]

Fiscal Impact: Depreciation expenses have been added in the past two budgets but never funded by the BOS. The vote by the BOS was based upon:
(1) FAA grant application had been funded in the year it was made,
(2) Ms. Atwood had no indication when or if it would ever be funded, and
(3) a general consensus that a new application reflecting current conditions would be forthcoming, therefore a new application conforming to the remaining tree harvest fund will be crafted after a period of community participation.

Memo of 2/1/99 - Cuttrell to BOS
Misstatement: "the Placerville fuel operations have provided $40,000 to operating margins."
Correction: Fuel gross revenue was overstated 18%. Actual year end projection was $34,000. This does NOT net out fuel expenses such as full time employees, tank and equipment maintenance, and supplies. These costs reduce the fuel operations to a negative number.

Misstatement: "Mr. Joe Treiber offered and committed to provide alternate fueling within 90 days of the County's discontinuance of the fueling service from the EPA mandate."
Correction: Excerpted from the lease agreement, "If the County elects to remove the existing fuel facility the following shall apply after the removal." Verbiage that follows explains Mr. Treiber's commitment to provide fuel service of unspecified nature in compliance with current laws.

Committee concluded that Georgetown Airport must have fuel facilities owned by County. Also, it was reported to the Airport Commission that the very continued viability of the Georgetown Airport was contingent on this investment.

Misstatement: "It is unreasonable to expect any financial return from this capital expenditure."
Correction: The County hangar lease rent increased from $350 per month to $700 per month due in part to the fuel concession. All available private hangar sites are now taken with the last currently under construction. This is due in part to the FBO that depends on the fuel concession. Nine additional tie-down rentals have also been added. Also, excluded is the revenue generated by the possessory interest taxes based on planes, and fixed improvements contribute directly to County coffers. Additional direct contributions include six county residents that earn their livelihood from the operation of the fuel concession and the FBO operations. Secondary impact includes six employees of OneBase, Inc., a Burlingame technology firm that has recently relocated part of its operations to Georgetown due to availability of pilot services, and maintenance at the airport.

Misstatement: "On-going deficit in the Georgetown Airport Enterprise Fund operation..."
Correction: The operating deficit in Georgetown is a result of a disproportionate assessment of shared administration expenses and the shifting of $11,904 in Tech II salaries to administration. Removing Georgetown Airport completely from the Airport Enterprise Budget results in a $54,762 operating loss at Placerville.

2/9/99 (91)
Check for $700 from Freda Pechner's client trust account to County for February lease payment.

3/10/99 (91)
Check for $700 from Freda Pechner's client trust account to County for March lease payment.

4/8/99 (92)
Memo from Burgess to Reighn acknowledging payments for fuel flowage of 6/6/98, 7/3/98, and 8/11/98. Further payments not received by County.

4/14/99 (91)
Check for $700 from Freda Pechner's client trust account to County for April lease payment. [Late charge of $42 added by county according to Interoffice Memo from Brian Burgess to David Nicolls, dated 11/1/99 (A18). Apparently, earliest mention of late charges are on county scratch sheet (A14 - not dated). Late charges were totaled separately and not added to other charges until after 10/99 and possibly as late as 2/00. Steve states that no mention of late charges were given to him until much later. There is no mention of any late charges billed by county in the correspondence given to Paul. Also see A15 and A19.]

No lease payment for May 99. [Same comment as found for 4/14/99. $700 plus late charges not billed to Steve.]