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At about 6:30 PM, County Staff gave a copy of a new lease agreement to the Cimmarustis. It was not perfect, but Steve was willing to agree to it in concept.

This was the BOS meeting in which a new lease might be approved. Instead, Borelli, Dupray, and Solara opposed a new lease for the Cimmarustis, completely ignored the recommendations of the GAAC, the hard work of County staff, the hundreds of letters and signatures, and even initially opposed the motion which allowed the Cimmarustis to stay for at least 90 days until a new FBO could be found.

Various individuals from the Placerville Airport were present to prevent the new lease from being approved. There were some of the same ones who had been sued for conspiracy in attempting to put the Cimmarustis out of business. One of them was James McKeehan.

The President of the EAA at Placerville Airport and a certain other individual were very instrumental in that they gave the BOS a list of petty supposed infractions by Steve going back as far in time they were able to discover. They also provided literature that was partly attesting to the inaccuracy of rumors that they apparently started (and for which they blamed Steve). All appeared to be in league with one another and apparently had been given information to use to build a largely fictitious case against Steve.

The foregoing was a vicious personal attack from people who were not part of the Georgetown Divide community. However, it did give the entrenched County Supervisors an opportunity to slap down the new guy, Charlie Paine, and show him how their authority extended into his district even to the point of ruining an honest man's business.

There were many people from the "Friends of the Georgetown Airport" who spoke eloquently in favor of the new lease. They far outnumbered the few from the Placerville Airport who spoke against it. Steve refused to dignify the petty attack against him with any kind of rebuttal.

There were several comments from people who wondered why those from the Placerville Airport were so virulent in their hatred of the Cimmarustis. Is there an FBO at Placerville who wants Steve's hangar? Is there a developer who is hoping the Georgetown Airport will fail? Does the group who has been attempting ruin Steve all along want the airport back as their own private club? Is it all just a payback because Steve beat them legally with the settlement in April of 2000? It is far easier to tear a good thing down than it was to build it. Yet disruption of good things is what some people choose to claim for fame.

At this time, the Cimmarustis have just over 90 days to leave. There is very little possibility that they could successfully bid for another tour because of the obvious bias against them from three of the County Supervisors.

There are more details in the Mountain Democrat of 1/29/03 which appear to be quite accurate.

GAAC Meeting of 2/11/03

Meeting Summary

A number of issues were addressed at this meeting, but the most intense efforts had to do with the actions of Supervisors Borelli, Dupray, and Solaro at the BOS meeting of 1/28/03. Click on the above for a summary of the audio tape and notes taken during the meeting.

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