8/18/98 to 10/26/98

Airport Terms Defined - List of Key People

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*** 8/18/98 (69.01-69.02)
Letter from Cuttrell to Pechner.
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1. Campground policy was formulated by DOT with full authority and has not yet been presented to BOS.
2. If campground is being operated under policy based on that of U.S. Forest Service, it is a coincidence.
3. Past violations are: [seven alleged violations with no specifics as to who saw them or when they happened.]
4. Failure to resolve the problem will be considered a breach of contract.

9/15/98 (70)
Check for fuel flowage from Steve to county (1500 & 1495 gallons). No receipt from county for payment.

*** 9/23/98 (70.01-70.02)
Letter from Cuttrell to Pechner.
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1. Wants proof status of workers at Steve's hangar.
2. Wants proof of auto liability insurance.
3. More harping on instances of violations in picnic area without any specifics. 4. Bulb replacements given as 11 occasions with beacon and 16 with windsock area. No dates or other specifics.
5. County will not intervene between Steve and Loja. It is Steve's responsibility to have Loja conform. Other aircraft no longer an issue.
6. Steve unwilling to comply with terms of FBO agreement and enforcement action is County's option.

*** 9/23/98 (71-72)
Letter from Cuttrell to Pechner stating that no further checks from Steve would be accepted for fuel flowage.
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[County did not want Treiber to assign to Steve, and when challenged by Steve's attorney shut off Steve's checks, asking for checks only from Treiber.]

*** 10/1/98 (73-75)
Letter from Pechner (Deputy County Counsel) to Parker stating that three reasons were given for not accepting Steve's checks.
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1. Cuttrell claimed that he "understood" that Treiber would perform the lease without an assignment (nothing to verify this "understanding" which was contrary to the provisions of the contract).

2. Such an assignment would create additional liability exposure for the county (this was contrary to the language of the contract and Steve had the required insurance, so it was an outright lie).

3. Such a consent for the assignment would not be given for "policy reasons" (again contrary to law and without any reason for the "policy"). Letter also stated that the refusal of the county to assign the contract was determined by an individual who was a defendant in a litigation filed by Steve against the County, and that this was breach of contract by the County showing personal bias against Steve.

10/5/98 (76)
Letter from Brian Burgess to Skyway's (Steve) stating that Steve's checks for fuel flowage were no longer accepted by County and the check of 9/15/98 was being returned.

10/16/98 (76.1-76.5)
County Counsel response to inquiry from BOS concerning the scope of responsibilities of the Airport Commission and proposal to provide County Counsel attendance at Airport Commission meetings. Also mentions that prior to the establishment of the Airport Commission, there were separate Airport Advisory Committees, which is probably where the idea of creating some new ones was found.

10/26/98 (77)
Letter from Reighn to Treiber stating that closure date for tank is 12/22/98. Fuel inventory to be removed no later than 12/21/98. Lease provides that Treiber would have refueling capabilities in place within 90 days. Wants to know Treiber's intent in this regard.